Plumber gives discount to customer after looking at the condition of her house

The condition of the house, is an indication of how much free time and money the family members have
Usually if the family members have plenty of free time, they can keep the house in good condition
The workers like the plumbers, electricians have confirmed that they are charging people based on the condition of the house, if a person has plenty of money they are charging more, and if the person has less money or is being harassed , they will usually charge less taking pity on the person
Due to the ruthlessness, greed of the indian tech, internet companies, government agencies running a massive FINANCIAL FRAUD, government SLAVERY racket, some citizens almost no free time, very low business income, so the house is not in good condition
So plumber said that he usually charged Rs 2000 for drain cleaning work, yet because the house is not in good condition, he realized that the person is making very less money, and reduced the charges to Rs 900