Madhya pradesh maidservants doing housekeeping work are paid Rs 4000 monthly, only domain investors are forced to work for free as part of government SLAVERY

Though they make millions of dolllars in profit, shameless liar indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by google, tata, infosys, cognizant are extremely ruthless in their government SLAVERY of small online business owners, domain investors in india, CRIMINALLY DEFAMING them in the worst manner, to ruin their reputation completely, refusing to acknowledge the time they spend working so that online workers are making less than maidservants while the favorite call girls like panaji goan bhandari CALL GIRL sunaina chodan, relatives of top government employees who do not spend time are falsely marketed as online experts to get them great powers, monthly government salary

The LIAR tech, internet companies, states like haryana, goa, madhya pradesh, gujarat, karnataka are openly involved in CYBERCRIME, STEALING the data of online workers, and then falsely claiming that the relatives, friends and bribe givers are doing the work. The problem is particularly severe for domain investors, since the indian government agencies like raw/cbi are falsely claiming that their lazy greedy fraud employees like indore cheater raw employee deepika/veena who do not spend any money on domains, are domain investors, efffectively forcing the real domain investor to work for free,

This exposes the ruthlessness of the government SLAVERY racket which the indian tech and internet companies are running.Though the madhya pradesh government will agree that maidservant and other workers should be paid for the housekeeping and other work they do with its FAVORITE FRAUD indore’s top CHEATER housewife raw employee deepika/veena paying her maidservants Rs 4000 monthly, they refuse to acknowledge the computer work done, and are openly involved in FRAUD making fake claims about the indore cheater raw employee deepika/veena who does not spend time, in a shocking case of government SLAVERY which can be legally proved.