Migrants from other states, often find it difficult to maintain their properties

In india the plight of migrant professionals and investors depends to a large extent on the support which their home state provides. While uttar pradesh, madhya pradesh,haryana, gujarat, goa are well known for supporting people and migrants from the state in all their activities, migrants from north karnataka find it extremely difficult to get even their fundamental rights, and are targetted for criminal defamation, criminal trespassing.
The problem of migrants from north karnataka is extremely severe in goa, one migrant from nippani, near belgaum told the domain investor in goa, that they find it extremely difficult to get help.
Even in hubli,rickshaw drivers who had worked in goa were telling that they are not going back to goa.
Some well educated professionals, investors from north karnataka find that their house is burgled repeatedly, though there is nothing of value in the house.
It is very obviously a hate crime,because the burglar has broken the washbasin in the bathroom and dumped it on the bed. Though a lot of effort is required to detach the washbasin no one in the residential area has heard any sound or noise
Since the property owner is not likely to live in the house,it becomes difficult to get the home repaired, since there is a high possibility that the home will be burgled again and all the money will be wasted