Criminal trespassing, theft makes it difficult to maintain a home

home furnishing set

A 45 piece naaptol home furnishing set was ordered and delivered in july 2021, to an address in panaji, goa
After the greedy goan frauds blocked access to the house for almost 3 years, criminally defaming after making fake allegations without any proof , the domain investor was finally allowed to take some the daily use items from the house.
These items were transported to a house in hubli by a gurgaon, haryana company max packers and movers, who were paid a large amount.
when the box with the home furnishing items was emptied it was found that only 6-7 items were in the box, the other items were missing. Whe the building official was questioned about the messing items they are claiming that the haryana packers have misplaced the remaining home furnishing items.
Photos of the items remaining are provided above .

The disappearance of more than 15 pieces of the above home furnishing set is the reason why professionals, investors do not want to relocate to smaller cities and towns. It also affects the real estate prices in the area, professionals and investors are not interested in relocating or investing much money in places where the homes are likely to be criminally trespassed or robbed, usually by high status well connected people.

Though the stolen items are not expensive enough to file a police complaint, if the home owner is new to the city or town, it creates a wrong impression and investor will hesitate before investing additional money in renovation or furnishing of the property, especially if they will be away from the home.

Looking for a detective to trace the missing home furnishing items, how the other items part of the set have disappeared.
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